A report card or Form 138 is the written record of a pupil’s scholastic achievement and personal deportment in school. It serves as the official communication and information for pupils and parents regarding the pupil’s academic progress .

a. It is issued personally to parent/guardian on scheduled dates set by the school head.

b. The pupil’s report card should be inspected ,acknowledged and signed by the parents/guardian and be returned to the adviser two (2) days after the issuance.

c. All clarifications regarding grades have to be conferred with the school head within a week after its release. No complaints of parents to the effect that they have not been informed about the academic and conduct standing of their children be entertained.


Nursery pupils are graded through an evaluation code as follows

E – Excellent             VG – Very Good                          G – Good                  NI – Needs Improvement

Kinder and Prep pupils are graded numerically. Honors are determined on their academic standings and the results of various competitive exams given to the top ten.

All pupils are given recognition according to their attitudes and behavior at the end of the school year during Recognition and Graduation Day.


The schedule of the examination is announced or written at the bulletin board and reminder notebook and it must be strictly followed.

The school gives  a pupil who fails to take the test on the scheduled time due to valid reason considerations.

The following are considered valid reasons:

a. Sickness / injury of the pupil

b. death of immediate kin

c. Natural calamities


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