Our Lady of the Rosary Learning Center is a non-sectarian school for boys and girls committed to a great task of facilitating the integral formation of the early learners who :

  1. Make wise use of his God-given talents, skills and potentials for self development ;
  2. Has God-given capacity to build a community of friends where love and peace are experienced, thus preparing them to become responsible and upright children of God in a good Christian community.

Our School’s Vision and Mission

  1. A.     Vision

OLRLC  envisions to be one of the top trusted educational institution that will provide education that is geared toward the holistic growth and development of the child.

  1. B.      Mission

To realize our vision, we in OLRLC commit  that :

  1. We shall provide our children the basic knowledge, skills, attitudes and values essential to their personal development.
  2. We shall recognize the uniqueness of each individual, thus giving them their needs towards full development of their potentials.
  3. We will strive to inculcate in our children the Christian values of faith, hope and love – the essence of personal commitment to their families, fellowmen and God.

The school logo

The Holy Rosary at the center of the logo means that we are following the life of Christ thru Mama Mary as our model.

The Book symbolizes the Bible  and the lighted torch symbolizes the light that will guide us to the path of righteousness and total commitment to our apostolate.


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