Field Trip

Dear Parents,


We are pleased to inform you that our Fieldtrip will be on January 12, 2012. We have chosen places that can provide the educational development and recreational environment of our little boys and girls thus challenging and welcoming their needs for physical activity and encouraging cooperative play.

Chosen places are Gourmet Farm –the place for organic farming experiences, Gardenia – the largest and most modern bread factory in the Philippines and Enchanted Kingdom – where the parents and pupils will be given a chance to enjoy fun rides, zoo animals and water world , the place where the magic lives on. 

We hope you’ll be giving your child this opportunity to join and at the same time learn while enjoying the trip.

Payments can be made from November 15, 2011 up to  first week of January 2012.

Thank you and God bless us all.

Respectfully yours,

OLRLC Admin. / faculty and staff